Solid and minimalistic elf

  • A beautiful high-quality smart lectern designed to
  • effortlessly fit into any interior. Breath new life into your
  • lectures.

  • Sliding Cover

    Sliding Cover

    Design based on ergonomics of human body.

  • RFID Electronic Lock

    RFID Electronic Lock

    Restrict unauthorized access to the lectern using built-in RFID lock.

  • Advanced Dual Touch Sensor

    Advanced Dual Touch Sensor

    Dual P-CAP & EMR touch sensor combines smooth smartphone-like experience and precision pen input.
    It allows to use "elf" for both regular lectures and art or design projects

  • Expanded Interface

    Expanded Interface

    Expand the functionality of laptops and other devices by connecting them to elf

  • 19

    19" Rack Type

    Rack to accommodate Wireless MIC/Multimedia Controller/Digital amplifier/Power distributor

  • Wireless Mic Set

    Wireless Mic Set

    Handheld and DPA microphones included

For Business

Meetings from the Future


For Education

A Fresh Twist on the Lectures