Edupen Pro

AHA anotation software for lecture and presentation, Edupen Pro enables the user to use pen, brush, highlighter, various anotation tool so that user can choose the color and thickness on the mutiouch touch screen.

  • • With multitouch function, the selected object can be rotated, zoomed in and out, moved.
  • • Freely setting the page list and tool bars.
  • • High utilization thanks to Max 8 supplementary board.
  • • Infinite annotation and zoom in page function.
  • • Transparent annotation
  • • Devided two pages for two people.


  • Unconstrained brush pen function

    Actual traditional chalkboard feel

  • Support Pen Pressure annotation

    The various thicknesses according to the pen presure on EMR touch sensor screen.

  • Support various document formats

    Support MS office and PDF, Hangle. Freely add and change.

  • Support video format

    Video replay without any additional program.