20Points Multi Touch Projected Capacitive Sensor

World 1st P-CAP development for large size Display 

The projection-type capacitive sensor calculates the coordinates of the touch pointer by detecting a minute electric signal when touching with the finger. 


  • Stylus or Human Touch
  • Multi touch support
  • No air cap, so natural writing is possible
  • PCAP is excellent in durability, it is also adopted for smartphone
  • Reduction of catadioptic refraction by introducing Optical Bonding technology, image quality improvement and wide viewing angle achievement 


  • Applicable to wide screen like 75

    AHA Developped the various touch sensors applicable from 15" to wide inch to lead the touch sensor technology in the world.

  • Realization of slim and true flat bezel

    The simplified structure of the sensor enables keeping the touch penel with module units and realizing the true flat bezel.

  • Support up to 20 touch points

    It detects 20 touch points and without any specific option, it detects the 20 individual touch points.

  • 4K, UHD Support

    Compatible to FHD, UHD touch screen.