Eletromagnetic Resonance

EMR touch sensor detects the EMR pen presure.

The presice handwriting is required when teaching math or science. EMR sensor is the only touch sensor that enables this presice handwriting.




According to the presure given to the EMR pen nip, the antenna board detects the location and the presure and send the date to the kernel then it matchs the location to the location in the system to enable very detailed touch.



  • Pen Pressure Sensing

    Eccellent accuracy, sensing pen pressure are available and it is also feasible to use the basic mouse input system.

  • 1024 level of the pen pressure measurement

    Precise response to the wide pen presure difference.

  • Fast and acccurate response

    Fast touch response without any delay.

  • 4K, UHD Support

    Compatible to FHD, UHD touch screen.