IR (Infrared) Touch Sensor

IR (Infrared) Touch Sensor technology is widely used for IFPD and digital signage (Kiosk, single vision ), ATM, various automatic ticketing machine. IR touch sensor is also used for AHA PENTA and ULTRA series.



The method of infrared touch sensor  uses the feature of straight and the nature of light that if it is blocked by an object, it can't go through the object. Putting the Infrared LED and the photo detector to face each other to form the matrix. Then if an object like a finger blocks the infrared, IR sensor detects where the light is blocked.


  • Object recognition

    Without any specific device, it can detect any obeject.

  • Multi Touch function

    Support up to 14 touch points

  • Slim Bezel

    Slim Bezel and high recognition are available.

  • 4K, UHD Support

    Compatible to FHD, UHD touch screen.