You can check the problem or usage of the product by self-diagnosis

Can’t open a file

Check if MS Office is installed and works.

Restart the program.
MS Office is recommended for its stability.
Gestures problems

Check if touch drivers are installed and in use.

Check drivers compatibility (Win 7 Home or Premium and better are supported).
Edupen Plus No Sound

Take off the speaker cover, double-check the audio file.

Turn on or turn up the volume.
Turn on or turn up the volume in the program interface.
Handwriting line is too thick

Click the [] icon and adjust line thickness.


Serial number not accepted

Correct serial number doesn’t include special characters like * • # . -

The serial number is case sensitive
The correct code is 25-bit
The PC must be connected to internet
Some features not working properly or not working at all

Turn off the antivirus and reinstall the program.

Refer to the manual for details.
Antivirus program blocks the installation.

Click “Allow all” if you purchased the program officially. Refer to the manual for details 

When only 16 colors are displayed on the screen
When the color of the screen changes after you replace the video card

A. Check if your PC Window OS color option is correct and your video card is set up properly.

B. If you are using Windows Me, 2000 and XP, select the correct color in "Control Panel", "Display", "Settings".

Please refer to the graphics card manual.


If the screen does not turn on
A. Make sure the power button on the monitor and computer is turned on.

B. Make sure the signal cable is securely connected to the video card.

C. Verify that the computer is in the power-saving state. "NO SIGNAL", "OUT OF RANGE" appear on the screen,

D. Press any key on the keyboard or move the mouse to activate the screen. In case of "OUT OF RANGE", enter VGA mode and use VGA mode.


When the Pen does not work
A. Check if the USB cable is properly connected to the USB port on your computer.

B. Check the charging status of the pen.

C. Reinstall the driver.


When the color of the screen doesn't seem right.

Adjust with ODS color adjustment menu. 

When the screen is blurry

Adjust the contrast and brightness. 

The screen is not in the center of the monitor and appears too small or too large.

Perform automatic adjustment. 

When the screen is unstable

Check that the signal cable of the monitor is properly connected to the video card. 

When the power indicator light isn't turned on
Check if the power button on the monitor is turned on.
Check if the power cord of the monitor is properly connected.


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