Smart Pass

ace recognition & temperature
measurement for access control system

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The World First
86” in-TOUCH

MESOS Series

  • IPS Superiority
  • Design Flexibility
  • Simple SCM
  • Picture Quality

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15.6" Dual Touch Tablet

P-Cap & Wacom Pen

  • ·Multimedia Compatibility
  • ·1024 Levels of Pressure Sensitivity

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Smart Learning Systems

  • ·IoT Educational System
  • ·Android OS allows to install educational apps
  • ·Out-of-the-box support of several educational programs

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84" Interactive Panel
The Biggest IFPD in
the World with
Capacitive P-CAP Sensor

P-CAP + EMR System

  • ·Huge 84" Diagonal
  • ·UHD Display with Touch Sensor
  • ·Compatibility with Several Panels

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