AHA INC CO., LTD. develop and manufacture the IFPD and Smart Podium, Digital Signage and Smart Table which evlolved future educational environments and conference enterprise solutions.

  • IFPD

    We support the solution for multimedia classroom or conference room with Interactive LED / LCD with various video terminals and also is capable of watching UHD / FHD resolution. In addition, by annotating on the screen, the class is more intuitive and maximize the efficiency with convenience.

    • - Various size from 55" to 98"
    • - Available various touch sensor technology

  • Smart Podium

    Designed to be elegant and stable in any place, it can be designed to ergonomically analyze the lecturer's behavior pattern and enhance the effect of the lecture excellently.

    • - Built-in RFID system
    • - Annotate software
    • - Dual touch monitor

  • Digital Signage

    It is a high-quality display with the best picture quality with LED, low power and slim design.

    • - Optimal Readability
    • - Effective Power Consumption
    • - Multi-touch
    • - Optimal Brightness

  • Smart Table

    It offers a delicate and smooth touch feels like Smartphone. And it is available to adjust the height and angle so user can experience various of usabilities.

    • - PCAP touch sensor
    • - 90 degrees angle adjustment
    • - 150 mm height adjustment function

  • Touch Sensor Technology

    We have our own technology for EMR sensor, PCAP, and IR sensor, and we also provide various combination of sensor module for our product

    • - Various size from 55" to 98"
    • - Available various touch sensor technology