About us

"A valuable company that enhance our life through challenge and creativity"

AHA still preparing for greater future being not satisfied with the company growth so far.

AHA INC CO., LTD. has grown with technology investment and export reinforcement into a global enterprise so we have been selected as a leading in the industrial convergence company by Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy with continuous revenue growth and technology development.

From the inception of the company foundation, the overseas market was opened under the heading of " Dream abroad " as a result, the overseas sales take 40% of total portion respectively and also we are building a role in the development of the national economy by constructing a global network of more than 64.

We will maximize our performance and synergy by strengthening our business capabilities by cutting down on the fact that it is a crucial time to strengthen the growth of the past decade and prepare for a new decade, We intend to build a stable business portfolio by fostering our core businesses through intensive investments in new businesses.

Now, we will go beyond Korea and become even more powerful as the center of the world economy. I look forward to your unwavering interest and encouragement to create a dream and future for our customers and become a respected company worldwide.